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Bernhard "Haim Dov" Beliak was born in Munich, Germany. He graduated from Occidental College with an A.B. in Philosophy and Urban Geology. He also has degrees from Hebrew University's School of Education and Claremont Graduate School- where he attained his ABD in Higher Education Administration. 

He has taught and lectured since 1985 at multiple colleges and universities. A great number of his lectures were to undergraduate classes on the Jewish perspective on philosophy, literature, history, political science, law, medical ethics, human sexuality from a Jewish perspective, and the Jew in drama. He was also a guest lecturer at the Federation Young Leadership Development Community Relation Committee where he spoke to ORT, Hadassah, Occidental College, UCLA, Open College, Alumni and Student Conferences.
In the absence of a Jewish studies department, Beliak developed a large number of lecture sequences on Jewish topics. He was an important proponent of creating a bridge between faculty and students where students were advised throughout their academic and other endeavors. 

He also has experience as a Board Member of Progressive Jewish Alliance, Executive Director of Mifgash, Marriage and Family Preparation Counseling, and Executive Officer of Office of Chaplain. 

He has many publications, some of which are "The Earth and Humanity: A Jewish Response," "Acts of Memory for Creative a Jewish Identity: Learning to Play Countermelody While Developing the 'Weapons of the Strong,'" and numerous other newspaper articles. 

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