Erdinc Acar

Mr. Erdinç Acar [Er-dinch Ajar] is an accomplished and forward-thinking educator with 18+ years of leadership in developing and implementing leading-edge programs and services that align with mission and vision of educational institutions. He has an outstanding record of improving processes by adapting and applying aspects of STEAM Education in school systems, through comprehensive research, strategic evaluation and effective presentations of best practices in curricula, programs, tools and technologies.

Mr. Acar has pioneered establishment of state-of- the-art online learning programs and professional development portals for academic advancement, combined with directing formative assessment and performance-based programs. He has served in top school level administrative positions in Nevada and California for over a decade.

Mr. Acar holds the following degrees:

  • Master of Education, Educational Leadership, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Master of Education, Science Education, Rutgers University, New Brunswick
  • Bachelor of Science, Teaching Physics

His professional licenses include:

  • California Clear Administrative Services Credential
  • California General Science Teaching Credential
  • Nevada School Administrator License
  • Nevada Physical Science Teacher License
  • New Jersey Physical Science Teacher, CEAS
  • New Jersey Administrator, School License

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