Academic Program Overview


The Magnolia Public Schools (MPS) academic program aims to improve students’ performance in reading, writing, and math, reduce dropout rates, achieve high student attendance rates, and increase the number of students who pursue careers in STEAM areas. 


We are known for successfully supporting students through Innovation, Connection, and Excellence:



Students have the freedom to choose how and what they learn. 

Individualized scheduling, early identification of learning styles, personalities, interest and career plans support students’ college and career readiness. Students experience hands-on learning through robotics, computer science and arts to promote imagination, creativity, and invention.



School communities are integrated partnerships among the school site staff, families, students and all other stakeholders. Connection creates a safe place for all learners and stakeholders to affirm individual strengths, celebrate character, provide academic support through mentorship and internships, promote unity and better decision making through the implementation of restorative justice practices.



Academic Excellence is the desire to pursue knowledge and excellence and to contribute original and provocative ideas in a learning environment, in diverse settings, and as a catalyst to future academic knowledge. We foster academic excellence through project-based learning using a constructivist approach, student portfolios, assessments of and for learning and academic discourse and argumentative writing. 

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