Welcome to the MPS Alumni Association
Welcome to the Official Website of the Magnolia Alumni Association.

We maintain and enhance a highly engaged, vibrant community of alumni and friends. Connect today!

Magnolia Public Schools Alumni Association maintains and enhances a highly engaged and vibrant community of alumni and friends since 2006. The association consists of volunteers who have been working as an admin or teacher at the school sites, our current and former students, parents, and other stakeholders. Our mission is to engage and support Magnolia students to higher education by collaborating with Magnolia alumni to increase their career, leadership, social and emotional skills in order to build strong and sustainable college going and transition atmosphere in our schools.

Tens of Magnolia alumni have come back to either intern or work at Magnolia Science Academies, whether it is working directly with students in schools or working within the home office. MPS offers a variety of positions across our many teams ranging from teaching and administration, to after school leadership and IT support.

Besides supporting our alumni with employment opportunities and internships, our MPS Alumni Association organizes major events such as annual Thanksgiving Dinner. This is our signature event and held on the Saturday that is after the Black Friday. That is the time when our students who go to school out of Los Angeles come home to visit their families. So, majority of the alumni students are in town at that time. 

During the 2016-17 academic school year, we had around 240 students who attended annual alumni dinners at four different campuses. The program takes about two hours and besides enjoying the food, they listen to the live music from the band that has all MPS alumni students. They sit around a table and share their greatest memories and unforgettable moments. They also get to see their teachers and enjoy the food with them around the same table. There is a raffle and so many gifts are given away. They can take their pictures in a special design photo booth. We also broadcast the event via Periscope for the ones who cannot attend.

Weekly volleyball games, alumni panels, and cohort specific events such as Class of 2014 Paintball or Class of 2016 Bonfire are to name a few of the other events that the association organizes every year. To sum up, the MPS Alumni Association is a great venue for the alumni students to ease their post-secondary experiences and support them with many employment, internship, and social gathering opportunities.  

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