Why MSA?

Why You Should Pick Magnolia Science Academy (MSA)

Students throughout all Magnolia Science Academy’s (MSA) campuses use technology daily at school and at home as a tool to work collaboratively with each other and communicate with teachers. We challenge their minds and foster an environment where students want to learn, whether that is through our science labs, or our robotics projects and competitions. At Magnolia Science Academy we place great emphasis on STEAM education, as it will give our students an advantage in their college and career plans. Students at Magnolia Science Academy also participate in a variety of school activities and clubs including technology & engineering, language & culture, community service, and visual & performing arts.


We are looking for great minds who want to learn. With the help of our teachers, principals, staff, and of course parents, we aim to prepare our students to succeed in whatever educational and career paths they choose.


Click here to submit a new student application for pre-enrollment or call us directly at (213) 628-3634.


Innovative Features Of The Educational Program

Magnolia Public Schools distinguishes itself from other schools by cultivating the pursuit of excellence through a rigorous, high-quality STEAM education for all students.  We incorporate an extraordinary support program that includes home visits, extended learning, and parent and community engagement.

At MPS we believe that after-school hours are an extension of the day. MPS recognizes that educational success is realized only when the essential underlying triad of student-teacher-parent/guardian is in harmony.


Parent And Community Engagement (PACE) Program

The Parent Advocacy & Community Engagement (PACE) Program utilizes on-site coordinators who build coalitions and partnerships. The PACE Coordinator works to build social capital by fostering person-to-person and people-to-place relationships, develop the skill and will of parents and community leaders to take on leadership roles within schools and in their community, and encourage civic engagement in order to build neighborhoods where the stakeholders want to invest their time and resources to transform their communities.


Home Visit Program

Research has shown that one of the keys to successful teaching and schooling is creating personal connections with students. MPS teachers visit students at their homes to enhance student learning and involvement. Family visits offer invaluable insights about students. They can provide new understanding about students' learning styles. Visits might also reveal the emotional and social needs and behaviors of students. It is helpful to know if they react to problems with tears, anger, or withdrawal, and how they socialize with peers. Through family visits, teachers can identify students' latest interests or concerns, such as a new hobby, an upcoming trip, or a change in the family.


Tutoring And Clubs

We offer tutoring and clubs designed to support daytime instruction. Additionally, there is targeted intervention before, during, and after-school.


Saturday Programs

Beyond the Monday through Friday programming, we offer Saturday programs which include academic tutoring, enrichment, and parent workshops. At MPS, learning is a yearlong commitment; we also offer Winter and Spring academic camps as well as Summer school programs.


Alumni Network

MPS does not stop there. Our strong alumni network is intended to support our graduates in enrolling and completing their post-secondary degrees and entering the workforce.

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